Friday, September 16, 2011

Down Yonder in the Paw-paw Patch...

I don't remember if it was last year or the year before, but when it happened it created a fire-storm here.
My dad introduced Chad and Zoe to the Paw-paw Tree!
And he introduced us to a horrible song, the kind of song that gets into your brain and refuses to leave...more on that later, please.

So, now if we are out in the woods they are on Paw-paw Alert!
Scouring the tree tops looking for the large leaves, the smooth bark and slender trunks of the Paw-paw trees.

And when they do find one, they won't stop until they get the fruit that's hanging from it.
There's usually only one or two Paw-paws on the tree and they are usually out of reach.
So out come the big sticks.
Chad reaches up and tries to poke down the poor little fruit.
Sometimes he'll throw something up at it hoping it will come hurtling down onto the ground and not onto his head.

It's kind of like a smaller, shorter banana.
Kind of.
They start out green...

Then you wait for it to get dark.

Ripe and dark.
No what you want from your banana, but this is a Paw-paw darn it! 
When it's darkened up, it's ready to eat.

It's chock full of seeds.
Large and very similar looking to a cocoa bean.
The fruit inside is sweet.  
In our house it's been compared to a mix between a banana and a mango.  
So, Chad saves the seeds and tries to grow his own Paw-paw trees.
He hasn't been successful, yet
While all of this Paw-pawing is being done, you start singing the song. 
And then you are stuck singing the song all day long...
"Pickin’ up paw-paws, puttin’ ‘em in her pockets,
Pickin’ up paw-paws, puttin’ ‘em in her pockets,
Pickin’ up paw-paws, puttin’ ‘em in her pockets,
Way down yonder in the paw-paw patch."

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