Monday, August 15, 2011


As our family has grown and we have faced turmoil and sickness,
it reminds me of those that came before us. 
My grandparents in particular. 
Of the trials that they had to face. 
That they had to overcome. 

My paternal grandmother Dorothy lost her spouse
in World War 2 and had to face each new day without him,
but with a determination to keep on living. 
She found my grandfather Vern eventually
and he brought a new joy to her life. 
Gave her a son.
 But she never forgot her first husband Harry. 
We still lay a flower on his grave every Memorial Day.
Just as she did.      

A life that had to be lived through the Great Depression. 
When they had to live without essentials,
 but they all got through it and still kept on smiling. 
We live in the home that this picture shows.  
We love to sit on this same porch and make new memories.  

My maternal grandmother Amelia Louise became
pen pals with a soldier in the Army. 
She became engaged to Grady Ray the
first time they saw one another.
Right before he left for the war.  

They would later have 5 children. 

They never had alot of money.
Times were tough for them.
Especially when grandma lost the fingers of her
left hand in a factory accident.
But she kept on going. She had to.

She had children to raise and laughter to create.

They always had a joke to tell and a hug to give
and I thank them for that.  

Times can be tough for us sometimes with Zoe and cancer. 
But her grandparents are the epitome of those that came before them. 

They are resilient and happy.      

Ready to create new memories with a new generation
even through the tough times.

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