Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Day

The first day of school is both exciting and scary.  Zoe has always been a nervous girl.  The first day of school brings on anxiety, but once she's there she's golden.  This year brings on new anxieties for her.  Will she be able to stay the whole year?  Will she miss days and miss important school events?  We are going in with a positive spin and hope that she will get to finally enjoy a full school year.  There will be days when she will be absent because of chemo.  But she's like a rubber ball, bouncing right back.  Last year our lives changed forever 19 days after the "first day of school" picture was taken.  This year we are going in with a new sense of determination...a fight to stay healthy despite the odds and a fight for her to be just another one of the kids at Meridian Primary. 

You go girl! 

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