Sunday, August 14, 2011


Everyone does it.
Everyone need it to survive.
Irrational behavior rears it's ugly head if you don't have enough of it.
Hallucinations and agonizing screams take over.
It's an essential part of the human body and it's many function.

Gigi hates to sleep.

Never has liked to do it.
Never likes to take in a quick nippy nap.

If there's one thing that Chad and I completely agree on in terms of our "bad parenting skills", it's our inability to get the girls into a proper sleep/nap groove.  We never insisted on a regular nap schedule for them.  If they got tired, they took a nap.  Wherever that may the movie theater (thus missing the best part of Harry Potter when Dumbledore dies!), the hardware store, out to dinner (usually driving to the restaurant and then sleeping through the meal while laying prone on the booth seat), at Disney World.  

I have friends who don't do things during the day because the kids are sleeping...FOR 3 HOURS!
How do you do this?!

Alas, my girls seem to be handling things very well.  Zoe is super smart so I guess her brain gets charged at night sufficiently...(she's always been a good sleeper, getting up to 10-11 hours at night.)  

Gigi also has a big brain, even though she doesn't use it to her benefit yet...grrrrr. 
It seems that Gigi has bigger plans on her mind instead of sleeping. 
She likes to build things and has a knack for aerodynamic flight.

Maybe we have a genius in the making...

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  1. Love it!!!! Sometimes the three hour nap is over-rated. It is nice to have the peace, quiet and relaxation, but . . . I do look forward to the days without naps when we can do whatever we want instead of taking a break in the middle of the day. Anyway, like always the picture is so adorable! :-)