Monday, August 8, 2011

Kids Galore!

School starts in 10 days.
Summer is just about over.
The girls saw a lot of friends during
the dogs days of the summer solstice.

Let's see, there were...

The Libertyville Lounsburys
The Louisiana Cavins
The Phillips Kinfolk of Bethany 
The Argenta Munstermans
The Wons and Fischbachs of Evanston
The O'Malleys of Omaha
The Nelson boys from Fort Worth
The Maryland Floyds
The Texas Taylors

It seems as if we traveled far and wide this summer.

But we didn't.

A lot of our wonderful friends and family
hopped, skipped, and jumped over
to our house this summer.
The rest we saw in Chicago.

It's great to see my kids playing with the
offspring of my dearest and oldest friends.

Makes my heart go all a'flutter.

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