Friday, August 19, 2011

Dry Fields and Cute Sweaters

It's dry.
I don't think it's rained more than a sprinkle at our house since June. 
The back pasture plus the front and side yards are showing it. 
Poor grass. 
Brown and crunchy.
The goats pick out the green stuff poking through.
Spring brings the best stuff, soft and green and full of nutrients. 
By August it's had it. 
Just had it. 

Since it looks like fall out my window with the brown grass and the leaves of the walnut trees falling off already, I'm making a pot pie for dinner.  I don't care if it's 90 degrees outside.

My hair is dry.
My skin is dry.
My bank account is dry.
Which leads to my current dry wardrobe.

Like a lot of moms who always buy stuff for the kids first, themselves second, my wardrobe is in dire straights right now. 

I have 3 shirts that I wear all of the time. 
I try not to go out in public too much. 

I am in dire need of new pants. 
Some jeans and maybe a pair of grown up dark gray khakis would be nice...can you tell I've been thinking about this a lot? 

I need new bras stat.
You don't even want to know about the state of my current bras.
I'm ashamed.
I have upped my shoe wardrobe a bit.  I have these cute suede wedge heels that I bought last year and I'm ready to start wearing them again.  But I need some new sassy flats.  Bought somewhere other than Target, please.  

I prefer fall and winter wear to warm weather clothing.  The more covered up I can be the better!  I adore sweaters that I can wrap myself up in.   

Isn't this cute?!

Oh well, like I's dry.
At least the pot pie was moist.
My eyes as well as I keep looking at this sweater.
It's really, really cute.

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