Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Collecting things runs in my family.  My grandmother whose house I now live in used to collect toothpick holders.  We still have quite a few here in her old buffet that is in our dining room.  She traveled quite extensively and picked up items as she went along.     

My dad collects LPs and old 45 records.  He goes to record shows and has amassed quite a collection.  

My mom collects cook books.  Only new ones though.  She also collects recipes.  It's bordering more on an obsession than a collection, though.    

Zoe and I are the collectors at our house.  

Chad starts out strong on a topic...movies, fossils, old farming tools...but then the fascination dies out for some reason.  
He's a fizzler and a poo-pooer.

Zoe and I are going strong, though.

I collect all things Alice in Wonderland.  I did a book report in 8th grade on Lewis Carroll and became fixated. 
I currently have books, figurines and a great bag. 
My fascination with the story of Alice was the inspiration for the name of our farm. 
Cheshire Cat/Cheshire Farm.

Zoe's currently fascinated with bones, snow globes and flattened pennies. 
It's quite a combination. 

She finds the bones in our yard or the surrounding woods.  She has quite a few skulls and various jaw bones, femurs, teeth.
Once we had an entire deer carcass in our back yard, but the coyotes dragged it all away before she could snag the skull once the decay process was complete.  
I like to think of her as a budding anthropologist/zoologist.  

Zoe and I started a feather collection many years ago.  We find feathers in our yard, at the zoo, any and everywhere.  Gigi helps us with this now.  We are getting her in the groove of collections.     

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