Thursday, April 14, 2011


I love writing, love, love.  I think it's an inherited thing.  My mother writes lists. 
There are pro and con lists for everything. 
I am going to start a new list that is very similar, but more aptly named...

Tickled Pink and Total Stankfest Lists...

Tickled Pink:

summer pool parties

a pony, goats and cats in the barn

the idea of my eldest daughter actually attending school full time in the fall

the idea of my youngest daughter pooing in the toilet instead of her pants

butterflies, cicadas, ladybugs and dragonflies

discovering how many people love my little family

getting on my new bike, pedaling up hill and winning the battle of the thighs

gazing at fawns in the yard

spending a week in Chicago with friends this summer 

 Total Stankfest:

when did my underwear get this big?

chemotherapy and a six year old, not a harmonious combo 

poison ivy and wily mowers

ants, hornets and horse flies

recognizing people that you thought were your friends, yet bow out when the going gets tough  

crossing your fingers and holding your breath on "late effects" of chemo and radiation

I hope this spring and summer bring us more tickled pinks and less stankfest.  It's already been a very long winter.  We need a break, a big ol' break.  We need more days of ice cream drips down our chins and less vomiting in the toilet.  We need to chase more fawns and less fear.  We need to have the ultimate in pet therapy with goats and a pony.  We need everything, yet want for nothing.  It's complicated.  As is life...       

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