Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I found this on another blog and I believe that blogger had seen this on someone else's blog.  I thought it was worth sharing, especially in the world of constant movement, change and whirlwind that we live in.  Our existence can be changed in an instant, I know this first hand.  While it's hard sometimes to remember the "good" things in life, we should all try a bit harder to set an example for one another.  We all have different occupations,hopes, tax brackets and dreams for our family, but this can be a reminder all of us should pass on...

Learn to like what doesn't cost much.

Learn to like reading, conversation, music.

Learn to like plain food, plain service, plain cooking.

Learn to like fields, trees, brooks, hiking, rowing, climbing hills.

Learn to like people,
even though some of them may be different...
different from you.

Learn to like to work and enjoy the
satisfaction of doing your job as well as it can be done.

Learn to like the songs of birds, the companionship of dogs.

Learn to like gardening, puttering around
the house and fixing things.

Learn to like the sunrise and sunset, the beating of the rain
on the roof and windows,
and the gentle fall of snow on a winter's day.

Learn to keep your wants simple and
refuse to be controlled by the likes and dislikes of others.

Lowell Bennion