Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Voice

Standing up for yourself can be a hard thing to learn. 

I'm trying to teach that to Zoe...have been for a while.  I think it's even more important now for her given her current situation.  Gigi will come later when she's learned how not to voice herself quite so loudly in public places.     

Zoe's super sensitive and a bit shy and I don't want her to be one of those kids who lets other kids (especially girls) walk all over her. 

It's a tricky subject for me...I'm a bit of a hard-ass and she's so not.  But I think it's something every girl needs in her arsenal...To know WHO SHE IS and to NEVER FORGET THAT.    

I was never one to fall to peer pressure...I hope I can teach my girls to take a stand for themselves.

When you are the grown-up in the picture sometimes you need to take a stand and have a voice, both for yourself and your child.

You need to stand up for your values and what you believe in even if it isn't copacetic with what everyone else around you thinks. 

It's never to early to learn what the power of a single voice can have. 

You only get one life to it to the fullest and learn when and how to plant your feet firmly.

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