Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fat and Forty

40 has arrived and I'm not impressed.  I still have the same crappy skin, I'm still overweight and I'm still crabby.  I hope menopause isn't rearing it's ugly head yet.  That would be horrible!  I need to get my butt in gear and start making some changes around here.  It isn't helping that the weather won't cooperate and it's still cold and I don't want to go outside yet.  This is when I wished I lived south of the equator.  But alas, I am here in Illinois bearing the brunt of this junky weather and hoping to get out and about and shed some of this pre-40 weight. 

My birthday present for turning 40 is a new bicycle.  I'm getting it this weekend and I can't wait!  I'm going to pedal all around this area and get into some sort of shape.  I'm getting a child seat to attach to the bike so Gigi can ride along with me.  A bell and bike helmet are also on my list to get.  It's not going to be some fancy racing bike where I have to wear spandexy clothes.  It's a cruiser-type bike.  Me and Gigi will be cruising around town, maybe even pedal down to the DQ for a treat...that may be counter-productive, though. 

Zoe is going to be easing up on her chemo in the next few weeks.  She really needs to get some more exercise, her little legs are so thin.  She has been riding her bike with training wheels for a long time and has been reluctant to take them off.  I think this summer we are just going to do it...remove the extra wheels and let her go.  If I'm going to take off on a bike ride with Gigi, Zoe is going to have to follow.  I'm certainly not going to burn any fat off following a kid on training wheels...putt-putt-putt.

I feel that I'm going to start having two different personalities all together...the farm mama who wears ropers and hauls the hay down from the hayloft for the goats and pony will be competing with the urban mama who likes to go into town and eat Irish food and buy Crocs at Von Maur.

Come on spring and summer...mama needs to get it together!

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