Monday, March 14, 2011

Country Hobby Fair

I love to read.  I have instilled the love of books into my children already.  They have more books than our bookcase can hold.  I do enjoy a good novel, but my real love is a good magazine.  You heard me.  There's a lot to look at, the topics are varied and I learn something new each and every time I am finished perusing through one.  In fact I get all giddy when I open the mailbox and see a brand spankin' new magazine.  It's like Christmas.

Magazines have told a definitive story of my life so far...

20 years ago:

15 years ago:
Marie Clare

10 years ago:
Martha Stewart Living

5 years ago:
Organic Gardening

Country Living
Hobby Farm
Vanity Fair

The older that I have gotten I have found that the information I get out of magazines has become more and more useful.  I never really grasped the whole concept of "you must wear racy lingerie to bed a hot guy" that Cosmo told me about 20 years ago, but I have come to understand the best way to compost my leaves and banana peels that Organic Gardening has taught me.  What will the future hold for me?  By looking at my parent's current stash of magazines I think AARP Magazine and Birds and Blooms will be in my future.  Well, I better go read through the latest magazine I purchased...Chickens, The Essential Poultry Publication.  I'll let you know what hidden gems I discover.     

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