Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

We had only planned to have one child.  We were content with Zoe.  Things were smooth and easy going with her.  No toddler drama, no sudden outbursts or screaming in public places. 

Then Gigi came.  

She's full of drama. 
She's a screamer.
She goes boneless at Target
She runs through the store and through the clothing racks.
She can't be contained, by which I mean she refuses to ride in a stroller or cart anymore.
She thinks chive and onion cream cheese is best used as a hand cream.      
She still has a penchant for eating dog food.
She has a three dollar a day candy habit.
She climbs on every tall piece of furniture we the top.
She likes to lie...already.


She's also very funny...
She likes to make us all laugh.
She does funny walks through the house and does voice imitations.
She sings songs to us in Gigi Gibberish.
She makes faces at us across the dining room table.
She hugs and kisses all of our cats and plays tug of war with Lola.
All while laughing loudly. 

She reminds us that no matter what is going on in our lives, no matter how sad we may be feeling because Madison is gone or that Zoe is sick, that there is always laughter.  She has become our pint sized comedic relief.  

We are glad we have Gigi.
So very glad.    

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