Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a Wonderful Ride...

Madison came into my life in the fall of 1995. 
Just eight weeks old and not capable
of realizing the incredible journey he was starting on. 
 I didn't realize it either. 
We would end up traveling all over together,
both physically and emotionally.

From Chicago, south towards the best of Illinois. 
To Indiana, Iowa and Michigan. 
Once he went all the way to Texas.  If my travels did take
me too far, then Madison would stay in the
comforts of grandma and grandpa's house. 

He was a city dog in his heart, but I was glad to finally get him
into the country where he could really run.    

I knew him longer than my husband or kids. 
 His best friend had once been a cat named Jack. 
 They were my children before I had non-fuzzy ones. 

 He loved snow and the beach, but would
 never put more than his ankles into the water. 
He loved carrots and popcorn, but
was always a finicky dog food consumer. 
He had one of the first pair of dog goggles in all of Chicago 
and sported a bandanna around his neck for the dapper dog that he was. 

His nickname was SuperDog.  We liked to call him Bubs.   

He met Zoe on February 15th, 2005. 
They fell immediately in love and were the best of friends. 
He was her protector and confidant.  
As they both got older, she had to become his protector.  
 They wandered through their world together with smiles on. 
If Madison had be able to stand up and hold her hand,
that is what he would have done.    

Anyone who has had a pet can understand the emotion
that fills you up when it's time to say goodbye. 
 It's never the right time.  I tried to keep Madison
going for as long as I could. 
 I tried for Zoe.  She needed him and when she
finally saw that he was no longer
able to take care of her like he used to,
she agreed it was time to say goodbye.       

We were together for 15 1/2 years. 
 It was a great journey. 
One that I won't ever forget. 
He was never really a dog. 
Anyone who really knew him would tell you that. 
 I always said that he was a little boy who wore dog clothes. 

 Goodbye my little boy.  

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