Tuesday, February 15, 2011


33 Days!!  33 Days!!

There are just 33 more calendar days until spring officially arrives.  I hope that marmot Phil in PA is correct and spring does indeed arrive early.  Here in Illinois, February always gets you down.  You are done with cold and wind and snow.  Absolutely done!  We have so much work to get started on outside here at our farm that we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring.  Spring means summer is right around the corner.  The snow is starting to melt this week.  The vanishing snow brings on the onslaught of mud and when I say onslaught, I mean it.  Mud will soon be on everything in my house.  On everyone and everything...aahh, life on a rural farm...

Chad and I have been thinking what we should call our farm.  When we moved here we decided that at some point, we would get animals...goats, chickens, ducks or geese, horses.  I seems that that idea will come to fruition this summer.  We will start out with a pony and a couple of goats.  We have some barn cats that are seen on occasion.  Hopefully they will stick around.  Chickens and duck or geese will follow in the future.  We do grow a garden every year, but this summer we are going to focus more on the animals than on food production.  I'll have to plant some tomato plants, though.  We always love having fresh tomato sauce.  So, back to what to name this place.  We could name it after the kids or just use our last name.  We could name it after a native flower or tree found in our yard.  But then we decided to go another route.  The name we have decided to call our farm is...Cheshire Farm.  Alice in Wonderland is very popular in our house.  I collect all things Alice in Wonderland.  We love to watch the Disney version of the movie with the kids.  But the biggest reason we decided to name our farm Cheshire Farm is because of the moon.  Whenever we see the moon and it's a mere sliver, when it looks like a smile in the sky, we always say "look, the Cheshire cat is smiling down at us tonight." 

So, please come join us this summer down at Cheshire Farm.  The snow will be gone and the flowers will be in full bloom.  The wind will be warm and the bats will delight you with their antics at dusk.  The goats and pony will enjoy a treat from your hand and look up into the night sky...the Cheshire cat may be smiling down at you.  Welcome to Cheshire Farm.             

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