Friday, December 31, 2010

End of Another One

A short review...

Life on the farm is an adventure and  
 we always manage to come out on top
 with laughter leading the way...

Summer is the highlight of the year for our girls...
lots of swimming, frolicking with friends,
being enveloped in nature and being
terrorized by cousins...

Zoe celebrated turning five years old and Gigi entered her toddler years.

Zoe left the world of Pre-Kindergarten and was immersed in the
"real world" of Kindergarten, albeit only for a short time.

We were witness to the wonders of nature on our farm...
from a dragonfly on the run to the last snowfall of the year.

Chicago is on our agenda every year. We would be lost without our visit to the dazzling city of our past where new memories are made over hot dogs and fries and a bouncy bed is the highlight of the trip for some. We are reminded that our friends may be far away, but we are always home when with them.

We conquered the holidays...from the Easter Bunny to St. Nick and all in between.

Our family has had lots of turmoil this year, but our girls are strong
and getting stronger because of their hardships.
They will, without a doubt, come out on top.

We wish you peace in the new year. 
May your home and heart be filled with laughter.

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