Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New Carrots

The new year is almost here.

Time for the resolution.

Everyone does it, they resolve to change something about themselves and try again in another new and so far uneventful year to be better. Here's mine...

the dog is going on a diet.

She can't do it herself. If it were up to Lola, she would eat anything that passed by her nose and she would be a huge walking tick. She does eat just about everything...

*empty paper towel rolls
*bird seed that has fallen under the bird feeder outside
*grilled cheese sandwiches/turkey sandwiches/tuna/chips off of the kids'
plates when she "thinks" no one is looking
*Madison's food
*used tissues from the bathroom garbage
*hunks of expensive Parmesan cheese on the kitchen counter
*frontline flea preventative
*cat food when she can get to it
*deer poo

the list goes on and on.

She has been forced to sit in the house a lot these last few months because we are spending more time at the hospital than at home. She hasn't had as much exercise as she needs. She's a cattle dog in need of cattle to herd. While we can't give her a real "herding job" to do, we can exercise her more. That's going to have to change as well as her diet. She has a bad ticker and extra weight will only shorten her already expected short life. It's my job to keep her as healthy as possible.

I will be purchasing a lower calorie food for her and she (I'm sure) will love it. She loves everything...except carrots and strawberries. I tried giving her those the other night and she poo-pooed them.

That, my dear pup, is going to have to change.

A slimmer 2011 is your future, carrots and all.

Maybe I should cover the carrots in bird seed.

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