Sunday, September 12, 2010

No Possible Answer...

How do you tell a five year old girl that her hair is going to fall out?

How fair is it for a five year old girl to get stuck by needles and have pain in order to feel better when she didn't feel all that horrible in the first place?

How fair is it that a five year old girl has to endure years of pain when she just wants to play with her friends?

How fair is it to feed your child organic and healthy foods to no avail?

How fair is it to get cancer when you are five years old?

It's not's not anyone's ultimate plan...I don't have something to learn from all of's beyond comprehension.

We never in our lives thought we would be one of those families affected by childhood cancer.

It's true when people say that it can happen to's happened to us.

Hug and kiss your kids...don't yell at them so much...just buy them the gum at the store they are whining about...take them to Disney World when they are marshmallows for it all.

Tomorrow they may have cancer.

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