Sunday, September 5, 2010

Zombie Alert!

Gigi is a biter. She's one of those kids who is very frustrated by her inability to communicate what she wants when she is angry so she resorts to biting. At least that's what the parenting books say.

I say that's a load of baloney.

She's like a wild animal that thrives on getting a reaction from her sister and I (that's who she normally tries to bite) when she doesn't get what she wants or is hopped up on goofballs.

Her mouth opens and she chomps down on whatever shirt, pant leg or skin surface that she spots.

We have tried timeouts, a little bump to the mouth, ignoring her.
Zoe has tried biting back, but is too sweet to really do the deed to her little sister.

Nothing works. She's getting more teeth everyday and we can only hope she stops this tomfoolery sooner than later.

She's like a zombie, but without the half dead look...just the eating people part.

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