Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hot Dog Express

We are trying to stay as normal as possible over here. I took the girls to the mall today to buy Zoe a new winter coat and some fall boots. She has outgrown her coat and boots from last year. Gigi seems to have two winter coats (thanks to grandma and her sale shopping abilities) and so we headed to the mall.

Zoe needed to ride in the stroller. She gets really tired and sometimes the simple act of just lifting up her foot and moving is hard. Gigi was a bit upset about the stroller, but grandma found a Kohls stroller and pushed her around. She was happy as a clam after that. Zoe wore a hat out today. She got numerous comments from ladies at the mall on how much they liked her hat. She didn't say anything, but I know she was happy. The one time she did smile for us was when she and her sister took a ride on the Hot Dog of those mechanical kiddie rides near the play area. After that it was frownsville again.

It's pretty nice out today. I'll try to coax her outside to sit for awhile, maybe see if I can get her to walk to the mailbox. I have put up the Halloween decorations to try to liven things up for her. She has already decided to be (and we have bought) Cleopatra for Halloween. Gigi is going to be a cat. The Egyptians loved cats so Gigi can be Queen Cleopatra's cat.

Many people have sent well wishes to Zoe and our family. We cherish every wonderful thought we receive. So many people tell us that if we need ANYTHING at all, please let them know. Well here it is...

I need my kid to not be sick anymore.
I need this to be erased from our family life.
I need a rewind.
I need her to be "normal" again.
I need to see her smile.

That's the anything I need.

But since that won't happen, it's off to our now "normal" life of extreme handwashing and oral temperature taking every morning.

Oh, how I miss the old days...

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