Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby Goats and Big Bananas

I don't want anyone to think that our lives here are completely and unanimously tied down to having a child with cancer. Life does go on and we must deal with many issues that come our way, not just ones that involve chemo and constipation...

We have a mole murdering spree going on right now in our dad is on the rampage with his spiky-in-the-ground-killer-thingy and poison worms. I don't know if the poison worms have hit their target, but the spiky thing has done it's job three times. We witnessed the initial killing first hand when we walked by the spiky thing and saw a wriggling tail sticking out of the ground. Running away and screaming followed.

Gigi did a doodoo in the bathtub last week...need I say more.

The pool has been winterized. It will be a long winter and every time we look out in the backyard we will be fondly remembered of our water antics with the giant inflatable banana and sea lion.

90% of the Halloween decorations have been put up. We will probably wait another week before we put up the giant wooden witch, her black cat and the tombstone that adorn our front yard. I'm thinking of adding two ghosts this year. Our pumpkins sprouted late and only one may be orange by midweek. All of the rest are still green.

We still have time to get to the zoo before it closes down for the season. We always go to "Boo at the Zoo" and the girls and I may hit a few mid-week outings to hug some goats before winter closes things up. We will have to wait until next spring to hug a new batch of kids.

I adore fall. The crunch of the leaves when walking, the smell of the fire burning in the firepit. Drinking hot chocolate and warm apple cider while cuddling up together under blankets. Life does go on indeed...

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