Friday, August 13, 2010

A New Chapter

Webster's defines the word "kindergarten" as "a school or class for young children, usually four to six years old, that prepares them for first grade and that develops basic skills and social behavior by games, exercises, music, simple handicraft, etc." Where is the part that says "usually makes mom and dad cry to think that their baby is no longer a baby and will be absent from home for almost 7 hours making mom wonder what she is going to do with herself all day?"

Next week a new chapter in the Pramuk household will begin. A lot of friends have gone through the kindergarten experience already. We are virgins in this area and are hoping we can keep it together. Chad cried two years ago when we dropped Zoe off for her first day of preschool. I wonder if he can keep it together next week when we drop her off..I wonder if I can?

She is so eager to learn and I hope she enjoys her time at school. She loved preschool. But as with anything new, there are questions. Most of these questions are in my own head...will she make friends, will she like her teacher, will there be a class bully, will she enjoy lunch and remember to eat and not just talk through it, what if she gets stumped by something she's learning and is afraid to ask for help, why can't I go with her?

I know all of my concerns are universal mom worries. It's hard to say goodbye. It's hard to know that I'm not needed as much. It's hard to see her changing right before my eyes.

I do have Gigi to keep me company. We will have time for one-on-one mama and daughter time. We can run errands, go shopping, do some laundry, swim in the pool, make cookies, make a mess with finger painting, go to afternoon nature camp, read books and take trips to the zoo to chase the goats.

Before I know it Gigi will be off to school. I'll really cry then. Maybe I'll set up a chair outside of school and read a book in case they need me during the school will give me something to do. Stare, I don't care.

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