Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Let's Go

Everyone in our household is experiencing a big change right now. I hope things go smoothly and we can manage without too much fanfare.

Zoe starts kindergarten tomorrow. All day kindergarten. She has to get up at 7:00 and eat breakfast (unheard of!), get dressed and leave the house by 7:40. This is going to be a challenge for sure. I am confident that she can handle it, though.

I am going back to work. I stopped working at the Cat Hospital of Chicago when Zoe was born. I returned on Saturdays when she was about 18 months old. That stopped when we moved. So, it's been 3 years since I have worked outside the home. My current job will be just two days a week for a total of 3 1/2 hours. Wednesdays I will be teaching modern dance, two classes. I was also offered a 2 hour receptionist gig at the dance studio on Thursday afternoons. I was told nothing ever really happens in the 11-1 time slot, but I am needed just in case the phone rings or someone walks in. Gigi is going with me on Thursdays. So far, So good. This place allows me to bring my kid with me to beans!

Chad is crossing his fingers and hoping to get a favorable phone call this week about another job opportunity. He will be staying at his current job, but hoping to add to our income with a wonderful job prospect that would be part time. Everyone keep your fingers (and toes and legs and eyes) crossed for him.

Now that Zoe will be at school all day, Gigi will be working on her latest challenge...mastering the potty. She has already peed in her potty on quite a few occasions. She has even pooped in it! Exciting, I know. She keeps taking her diapers off and telling us she has pee peed or wants to pee pee on the potty. I will have more time to work with her once Zoe is off to school. Good times, good times.

So, big changes are in store for us. I hope we can all manage well in our new endeavours. Life is a constantly changing whirlwind of events...we are due some excitement. Bring it on!

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