Sunday, August 8, 2010

Celebrating Decatur Style

The Decatur Celebration is in full swing this weekend. We go every year and it was a great day to be out with the kiddos. For those unfamiliar with the Decatur Celebration, here's a street fair where you can buy food on a stick, ride carnival rides and hear live entertainment that can vary in degrees of coolness. It's a grande time!

This year Chad and Zoe were in the annual Razzle Dazzle Goodtimes Parade on Saturday morning. Zoe rode in a "train" that resembles Thomas the Train. My parent's neighbor Neil built this train and participates in parades all over town. It's really cute. Chad had the honor of wearing a bright yellow shirt and walking along side the train. They both did an awesome job of waving to the crowd. I was so proud. The parade was televised live on our local station. Of course they went to commercial as soon as the Thomas Train was going by...real nice.

Gigi got herself on TV a few times, though. We had parked ourselves right by the cameraman and he couldn't resist her cuteness.

After the parade we headed out for food. Grandma and Grandpa were with us and we all had a hankering for something on a stick. Chicken-on-a-stick provided by some group that said they had been on the Food Network Channel peeked our interest. It was pretty good, had a nice rub on it. Next was a Cozy Dog for Zoe and Gigi and lobster rolls with a spicy cheese sauce for the was a taste sensation in my mouth! Too much heat for grandma, though. Other items we devoured were strawberry crepes (we always have those and they never fail to satisfy), deep fried brownies (OMG!) and the ever popular and always divine shrimp-on-a-stick. We had plenty of free ice water from the aptly named "free ice water" booth in the park.

Zoe and Gigi participated in some games in the Kids games and activities where everyone wins a prize. The girls did the cake walk, ring toss, mini golf, baseball throw, some tennis ball rolling into cubbies thing, bowling, and a game that closely resembles Plinko from the Price is Right. They came away with stuffed animals and plastic jewelry.

We wandered over to the carnival after the deep fried brownies. I thought my dad was going to have a mini stroke after eating those brownies because they were so good, but we got him moving and put him and Zoe on the ferris wheel. Zoe and Chad wandered into the fun house and Chad almost got stuck in the swirly slide that was the only exit out. Zoe and I rode the dragon roller coaster. She has ridden this coaster for the past three years and this was the first year that she wasn't scared and she finally reached the "arms up and screaming" mode of fun.

The girls also rode the carousel and the boring little train that goes in circles and circles and circles and...I had crammed myself into the back of this train to ride with Gigi...and circles. Zoe attacked the jumbo slide. You know, the slide that you climb 423 steps to get to the top of and get into a gunny sack and hurl yourself down over little hills? It was her favorite ride. She's a thrill seeker for sure!

We saw a group called The Country Cloggers. They danced with taps on the bottom of their shoes and I don't want to sound corny, but they were a toe tappin' treat. I wanted to sign up right away to learn some country clogging myself.

We ended our day with another trip to the free water booth. We got a bubblegum flavored shaved ice and stopped off to listen to some guy named Revered Robert play the Delta blues. He was really good and played an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar and a ukulele, not all at once, and he had a great sound. Gigi had fallen asleep and Zoe was cooling herself off in a misting fan that had been set up. It was a great end to our visit to the Decatur Celebration...see you next year!

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