Monday, August 23, 2010

Blue Tongue of Summer

Summer is almost over. We didn't take a big vacation this year. We had a 27 foot swimming pool installed, so we decided a staycation would be best. We did take our little trip to Springfield to see the Lincoln sites and we also decided to venture to Saint Louis to the zoo. We try to go yearly, thus the pilgrimage south began...

It was July and it was hot! Underwear sticking to your butt hot. Zoe can get a bit crabby in the heat, even the giraffes noticed this....

We stayed an extra long time in the arctic-like penguin house...

We like to do the whole shebang when we go to the Saint Louis Zoo...the train, the carousel, the sea lion show (which was cancelled because it's mating season and the sea lions were too busy snogging to come out and do tricks for us humans!), the children's zoo.

This year Chad and Zoe did the 3-D dinosaur simulator ride and fed the stingrays. Zoe and I had fed the stingrays last year, but Gigi was a wee one at that time and Chad stayed out with her while she napped. This year was Chad's turn to feed the stingrays. Of course, feeding time was over when they got in, but they did get to pet the stingrays.

Gigi kept herself occupied with me elsewhere eating dippin dots and getting completely soaked in a water fountain.

I enjoyed going around to see my favorites...

The Okapi

The elephants and their babies

The giraffes are quite friendly (who knew they had blue tongues? Not I!)

Kooky kid sitting on a fluorescent frog

All in all it was a fun day at the zoo. I can't wait until our next visit...I think we'll go in the coolness of autumn next time!

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