Wednesday, July 7, 2010

She Said What?

The majority of my daytime conversations include whether or not I want to be the queen or the princess and deciphering exactly what Gigi is saying to me. It's a hard job figuring out what a toddler who doesn't talk intelligibly wants. Yesterday one of our conversations went as follows...

Gigi: "bee" (while pointing to her belly)

Me: "bee?"

Gigi: "bee" (while pushing her finger into her belly button)

Me: "bee?"

Gigi: "bzzzz" (while still pushing her finger into her belly button)

Me: "There's a bee in your belly button?"

Gigi: "uh huh"

Me: "oh, okay"

Gigi: "bee"

I still don't know what she was telling me. Zoe had no idea either. I wonder if Gigi knew what she was talking about? She probably does.

An old friend from high school came by today with her three adorable boys. It's so nice to have someone at my house that I can easily talk to. I wish more of my conversations during the day were as delightful as the ones we had this morning.

Since moving to the county, it's not been easy to make adult friends. I do have friends, they just don't live here. It has been a bit hard to make friends with people at Zoe's school. I'm considered an "outsider" and I guess people don't want to strike up conversations with the "outsider." Don't get me wrong, there are a few moms I can talk to easily. I guess I am a bit of an old curmudgeon, though (Zoe says I'm the lady who would yell for the kids to get off of my lawn!), so some of it's probably my own fault.

I just wish I had more conversations during the day that didn't include "do you want to be the pink pony or the cat?" and "gar gaw dada lola lola lola pee pee blaaaaaaaaaaah."

I guess it will just take some time for things to get more intellectual around these here parts...

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