Saturday, July 10, 2010

50 Cents a Book

Our whole family went to the library this morning. There was a used book sale and the girls had a coupon for a free book. They are in the public library's summer reading program and besides the free book, they have a mini-golf coupon, free admission to the children's museum in town, a free taco and a free hamburger. They love all things free, as do we. So, we set off for the library this morning to get our free books and (as the library folks probably hoped for) Chad and I got a book as well.

I was in a book club in Chicago before we moved to the country. It was great fun. A few friends and I would read a book, pick a place for lunch and upon meeting there we would actually talk about the book! This is where I got my introduction to Philippa Gregory novels and I have been hooked ever since (Thanks Heather!). No one particularly cared for my choice in a book when it was my turn to chose. I say we are all better people for knowing what happened to the poor people of Peshtigo, Wisconsin in 1871.

I have always LOVED British period movies. My all-time favorite FAVORITE movie is A Room With A View. I love the scenery, the accents, the clothing. I recently watched this movie with Zoe, hoping to introduce her to the period piece movie and all it has to offer a girl. She only giggled when she saw a naked guy's butt and that's all she remembered when she was asked by her father if she liked the movie or not. Oh, well. Another favorite movie of mine is Pride and Prejudice . I have seen the one done with Keira Knightley quite often, who in and of herself, is not my favorite actress, but I think does a very good job portraying Elizabeth Bennet. Colin Firth is, by far, the best Mr. Darcy ever!

As I was perusing the stacks of books in the fiction section today at the used book sale, there it was. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Why had I not read this? Why have I not read any Jane Austen or Bronte book? These characters are the ones I love in movies! I had to get it. So, I handed over my 50 cents and it was mine. The cover is a bit cheesy, a smiling girl with a parasol and a gentleman kissing her hand ever so sweetly.
I hope that what I find inside is more enticing.

Oohh, Mr.Darcy, really........................

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