Monday, July 12, 2010

I Love Maps

I really want to go on vacation. I really want to take the girls to locations far away from home, to see the ocean and the mountains and foreign towns where we don't understand what anyone is saying. I want to take pictures of my daughters looking at bison in Yellowstone, looking at crabs on the beach in Oregon, wandering the streets of NYC while having a falafel sandwich from a street vendor, admiring (without too many giggles) the statue of David in Florence. I will do all of these things with them, I am sure of it. We just need to wait for the diapers to be gone and a bit more income in our pockets.

It's hard to sit still and wait, though. I just saw some pictures of a trip my aunt and uncle took to Yellowstone. GORGEOUS! Chad and I have wanted to go there for such a long time. We want to go to Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. We want to see real mountains and wildlife in it's natural element. Our last real trip was to Disney World in Florida when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with Gigi. It was a hard trip, I didn't get to ride any rides, my feet swelled from all of the walking. We went to the Atlantic Ocean in Daytona Beach on that trip. It was nice to just relax by the water, watching Zoe marvel at her first visit to the ocean, even though she got pummeled by a wave at one point.

I need another vacation. I have made a list of places we want to go to and some possible dates that we can strive to make our trips happen...

Disney World (so Gigi can meet the princesses and be in awe), 2012

Ireland (to visit my dear friend Rosaleen and her family), 2013

Cannon Beach, Oregon (Chad and I's favorite vacation to date...we want to rent a beach cottage and just hang), 2015

Yellowstone ( the girls will be old enough to carry their own backpacks!), 2017

Grand Canyon, 2019

Washington, DC (the girls will be of the age where they can really appreciate the monuments), 2020

NYC (a good age for shopping and sight seeing), 2021

We also want to go to Italy, London, Maine, Montreal, somewhere in the Caribbean or Mexico, New Mexico and Glacier National Park.

I hope we can make it to these destinations. I want my daughters to experience this great country we live in, to marvel at foreign lands and customs and to buy some kick ass souvenirs.

We have thought of a trip for next year, when hopefully the diapers will be gone from Gigi's bottom and a long car ride will be more tolerable...The Great Smokey Mountains.

Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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