Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Teeny Tiny

My second child was an average sized baby upon her birth. 
Almost 8 pounds. 
She wasn't as chubby through her first year of life as her sister was. 
Her sister was a fat baby. 
A few chins. 
Tubular arms. 
So cute and squishy. 
First child was bottle fed. 
Second child was breast fed. 

Second child was fat, but not like her sister had been. 
She was by no means a puny baby. 
But, we did notice a difference in baby size for them. 
And then toddler hood. 

Second sister was petite.
Petite yet sturdy. 
Just because she was little, that did not mean she was prone to breakage. 
She was solid. 
She still is. 
And she's not as petite as she was. 
I think. 
It's hard to tell. 
When I see her among her peers she seems on track with them. 

Similar heights. 
Weights, well that is different.
The weights of 6-7 year olds varies immensely. 
There are obese children, average sized, and profoundly thin kids.
My kids are right in the middle. 
Not too big. 
Not too small. 

Now, second sister loves all things little. 
Little cats. 
Little trees. 
Little shoes. 
I think my mom has had an influence on this. 
My mom is short. 
She was sent home from school by the crossing guard in kindergarten because he thought she was too small for school. 
He thought she had just followed her siblings and he sent her home.
My mom is 4"11. 
Well, she's shrinking, but I'm not allowed to publicly talk about it. 
She also likes little things. 
Little chip clips. 
Little candy bars. 
Little ziploc bags. 
And since second sister's hair became blonde, around the age of 20 months, grandma has declared something. 
Declared it because she saw her little self in second sister. 
My mom was petite with blonde curls as a child.

So is my girl. 
And we often heard these words three words...
"Just like grandma!"

My second baby's hair has stayed blonde, but it's not as curly as it was. 
But, she hasn't lost her love of little things. 
Her favorite things are little. 
Little yogurt cups. 
Little munchkins from Dunkin Donuts. 
Little purses. 
Little, little, little. 
She recently opened up a package of her sister's Legos that had been sitting around. 

And she poked her way around in them and found her favorite things. 
A little magnifying glass. 
A little hat. 
A little shield. 

Her birthday is coming up. 
She will be seven. 
She came as a surprise to us. 
Little did we know that our second girl would be one of the greatest joys of our lives. 
Her little curls. 
Her little laugh. 
Her love for little toys.
She told me recently that she wants this for her birthday. 
She saw it at Target. 

It's full of little things. 
Little fruit. 
Little shelves. 
Little things to step on and loose under the bed. 
Little things to go along with all of her other little things. 
Like her little tiny babies. 

I'll buy it for her. 
Because my little girl with the BIG imagination will love it. 
And I couldn't imagine life without my little girl with her big ideas. 
And her big heart. 

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