Saturday, September 19, 2015

Falling For Fall. Or Autumn. Take Your Pick.

I do adore Fall. 
Whatever you call it. 
It gives you a nice respite from the heat of summer. 
Now don't get me wrong, I do love the heat of summer, too. 
As long as I'm near my pool. 
Or on a beach with the ocean or a cool lake within sight. 
But I must be able to see said water with my eyeglasses off. 
So, that liquid must be right there!
But, I digress. 
Back to Autumn. 
The cool mornings. 
The cool nights. 
The cool nights without mosquitoes buzzing your head and biting your neck. 
The girls and I played basketball last night in our driveway at dusk. 
It was perfect. 
My dad has been growing pumpkins the last few years. 
And he grew these ginormous gourds which resemble geese. 
Or snakes. 
Choose your creature, it's there. 

The girls have made some sort of gourd family. 
I have to shuffle my coffee cup around them each morning. 
They sleep in their beds made out of cardboard mattress, kleenex comforters, and cotton ball pillows right on our dining room table. 

I was told that these are "the twins."

I wonder if I have a can of pumpkin in the pantry?
I could make some pumpkin cookies this weekend. 
For some reason, they always taste best when made at the beginning of Fall. 
The smell of pumpkin reminds us of a certain time. 
A certain season. 
Memories are released and I, for one, walk around with a smile on my face when it's pumpkin season. 
It would be ruined if Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts had pumpkin this or that all year long. 

The corn came down across the street from our farm yesterday. 
Howard Buffett (Warren's son) owns the farmland. 
His giant green John Deere combines took it down within a few hours.
One minute it's up. 
And literally, in the next minute it's down. 

Halloween stores pop up around town beginning in September. 
The kids love to go in and get ideas for costumes. 
To get scared by the displays. 
Displays that get creepier each year. 
Our society isn't afraid of anything anymore. 
Which is both sad and frightening in itself. 

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