Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Snowy Barnyard

It finally snowed at our house in Central Illinois. 
It seems to wait to snow a big one late in winter. 
We have been getting big downfalls of winter white in February and March the last few years. 
Everyone headed out early as is needed when you have farm animals. 

We need to shovel out doorways and make paths. 
We put straw down outside the chicken coop so that the hens have something to walk on instead of sinking. 
They still came out and sank as a few of them jumped right off of the ramp not realizing what would happen. 
We have about 8 inches of powdery snow today. 

Buttercup loves snow. 
She will romp and buck and kick and roll all. day. long. 

The goats don't get as excited.
Especially Yogurt.  
She's shorter and her belly hangs into the cold. 
She constantly has a "what the hell?" look to her when it snows.

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