Friday, June 6, 2014

What I Know Today...

What I know...

My nine year old will never get a job folding shirts at The Gap after I watched her fold laundry today. 

It's better to have an overly friendly dog that wants to lick your hands and who smells your butt than one who wants to bite those same things. 

My husband won't be working at The Gap, either.  

Having one serious daughter and one jokester daughter can cause world ending drama when the serious one has had "ENOUGH WITH THE JOKES ALREADY GIGI!"

Spending the day at the ballpark is healing on so many levels. 

It's perfectly fine to feed the kids snow cones for lunch. 

Being in the company of good friends makes any day better. 

Chickens can be mean. 

As can horses. 

Stupid chickens and horse. 

A strong breeze blowing through the window screens beats out A/C any day. 

The monkey bars are a blister causing necessity for some girls. 

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