Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Birds And The Bees Are Gross

I want Zoe to be informed. 
To be a strong and informed girl.
Who becomes a young lady.
Who becomes a woman. 
Who knows stuff. 
Stuff like...

How babies are made. 
What her insides look like. 
Insides like her uterus and ovaries. 
And why we get a period.
I mean, come on, she's seen me using pads and tampons and I found this cool drawing/graphic online of a uterus and ovaries and fallopian tubes. 

And I showed it to her. 
And told her what each thing was and why women bleed and so on and so forth. 
I believe her response was "Mom, ewww!"

Today in the car she said she thinks one of her feet is bigger than the other. 
I said my feet are like that, too.
Then I told her that one of my boobs is bigger than the other. 
I looked in the rear view mirror and she had that look. 
You know, that look a kid gives you when they are embarrassed that their own parent has said "boob" or "sex" or "I'm going to dance in front of your friends!"

"Mom, you're grossing me out lately with all these talks about life."

"I am?"

"Yes!  Don't you think I'm too young for these talks?!"

"Girl, life is gross. Get used to it."


  1. I like my children being knowledgeable as well. I don't get the whole parents being embarrassed about it all.

  2. Totally sharing this with my Nan. She thinks she is the only one who has ever had a mother.....