Monday, April 21, 2014

From A Horse To A Shoe In The Head...

On Tuesday I had to trim Buttercup's tail. 
It had grown so long over the winter that she was going to step on it!

On Wednesday Gigi made me a snack. 
The list of ingredients with zero idea of measuring were:
Cheddar cheese
Peanut butter
Garlic topper
Everyone in the family had a small taste. 

Pigeon flyover caught on camera. 

On Friday the girls' cousins came over for the afternoon. 
Emily and Hanna. 
I caught them playing hide and seek. 
Emily was the last to be found. 
Notice how she's creeping around the tree trunk as they approach?

It was so unbearably hot for Gigi on Saturday that she just had to fill a plastic pool up with water. 
Of course it was so cold that she never sat in it. 

Easter Sunday. 
Chad and I in our Sunday best. 
Why is it that I always feel thinner than I photograph?
Anyway, in these three sequential shots that Zoe took, the following happened...
Gigi saw a bug on her leg. 
So she kicked her foot up into the air. 
Causing her wedge heel to fly off of her foot. 
It soared up into the sky and hit her sister, the photographer, right in the side of the head. 
Looking at Chad's expression, it would seem as if nothing had happened at all.