Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another Week

I was laying on the couch Thursday night watching something on television (probably Teen Mom or a PBS show on crows) and this foot was in my face. 
Never more than a cat paw away from me. 

On Friday I let a chick out into the run area my dad created outside of their coop. 
Yogurt and Tulip ran right over to look at this odd creature on the other side of the fence. 

On Saturday the girls and I went to the zoo. 
Chad had to work. 
It was their Earth Day celebration and it was very hot. 
We got a free tree before we left. 
A White Spruce. 
3 actually. 
That have been planted in our yard already. 
Gigi wanted her picture taken in this cutout. 
Zoe was not impressed that once AGAIN she had to be the cow. 
Sorry, you're the taller sister. 

A tulip that has bloomed in our yard. 
With some photo manipulation added. 
Looks like it's underwater!

Yesterday (Monday) I made bread for our dinner. 
Gigi wanted to make bread, too. 
She mixed up her own mini loaf and it turned out great!

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