Thursday, April 24, 2014

3 Days

I finished watching this on Monday. 
It was an HBO miniseries starring Kate Winslet. 
It was really good. 
But be warned, there was a lot of sex. 
And lots of shots of Kate's boobs. 
I doubt there were lots of boobs in the original production starring Joan Crawford. 

The pasture is ready for eating. 
So on Tuesday I let the horse out to graze. 
She hasn't been out in the pasture to eat since probably October. 
Maybe early November. 
We have to gradually let her out into the new spring grass. 
New spring grass contains a lot of sugar.
A horse who eats too much spring grass at once can get colic. 
And colic ain't good. 
It's like having a super-duper bad stomach ache. 
So, this week I'm gradually putting her out on pasture. 
The goats aren't affected like the horse. 

Wednesday Gigi and I planted carrots. 
She wanted carrots so that's what we planted. 
And some Zinnias her teacher gave her. 
I'm not doing a big garden anymore. 
And I'm not doing tomatoes this year. 
I've not had any luck with those. 
I'll be going to the plant sale at the community college in a few weeks for basil and cilantro. 
And maybe I'll get some onions. 

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  1. This year Nan is taking over the garden. We shall see...she can't do any worse than me! (I usually give up on it when it gets hot...)