Monday, April 14, 2014

6 Days Of Pictures

Wednesday was so warm!
Gigi decided to have a tea party on the pool deck. 
These are her guests...
Deer skull
Deer pelvis (how will it eat?!)
Headless baby (again, no mouth)

Later pelvis left for found baby's head. 
They had a dirt cake. 

Thursday Zoe had her spring music and art show at school. 
She sang three songs with her fellow third graders. 
Songs ranging from the 1930s to the 1950s. 
They were to dress in clothes from those decades. 
She's wearing a poodle skirt that was mine!
That thing is like 35 years old. 
So old that my mother can't even remember if she made it or if my grandmother did. 

Friday was another glorious day. 
Warm and 75 degrees. 
Gigi and I took dad to work and then headed to the park next door to Millikin University. 
We exercised on the bike path. 
She rode while I walked/jogged. 
It's a beautiful place to exercise. 

Saturday we decided to let the chicks go outside. 
We put them in the horse pasture all by themselves. 
They were nervous, but then started to get the hang of things. 
This was their first time ever touching the earth with their chicken feet. 

On Sunday Zoe went to a swimming birthday party, so the rest of us did trash pickup in the woods in our yard. 
We found plastic bags and many super sized McDonald's cups in the creek. 
Gigi is the only one of us who is small enough to walk on the derelict old bridge that crosses the creek. 
Looks like something Grandpa could fix up! 

Yesterday, Monday, it was cold. 
So the girls and Firecracker played on the Wii after school. 


  1. I love this week's pics and I think I want a print of the tea party with dirt cake....seriously!

  2. You saved that skirt this whole time? I am impressed!
    AND curious as to what and how much other stuff you kept.

    The cat cuddling up to play wii is just adorable.