Tuesday, March 11, 2014

365 Photos Continues...

My parents were born and raised in our town. 
Locals through and through. 
We were driving down what used to be known as "the main drag" in Decatur on Friday. 
When kids would drive their cars up and down the street, occasionally stopping for a malt and fries at Steak N Shake or to chat it up with the opposite sex. 
At this stoplight I told the girls that Grandma and Grandpa first met when they were young on this road under that shop sign on the brick building. 
Under the HOOKER sign. 
(Hooker is a glass business, selling glass tops, mirrors, etc.)
Chad and I were cracking up that my parents met under the HOOKER sign. 
The girls were like "what?!"
I said, "one day you'll laugh, too."

Saturday I took the girls and Zoe's friend to a local art shop where you can paint your own ceramics. 
The shop throws the pieces into their kiln and you pick your masterpiece up in a week. 
Zoe painted a three-eyed monster. 
Gigi decided to paint a unicorn. 

Sunday it was still cool, but the girls insisted that Chad make a fire so that they could roast marshmallows. 
They poked those sticks and mallows deep into the fire and kept coming up with charmallows. 
Lola lucked out when a few fell onto the ground. 

Gigi is obsessed with the movie Frozen. 
We have to listen to the song whenever we are in the car. 
She saw the movie twice (once with her friend Ella who is even more obsessed with the movie!)
She drew this picture at school on Monday. 
Not her best artwork and they must not have had a blue crayon on the table. 
But her letters are superb!

Handyman Bob was here today. 
Replacing a light thingy in the chicken coop that he had already installed the day before. 
It had a crack in it. 
No good he said. 
We are gearing up for baby chicks. 
Hoping to get them by the end of this week!

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