Saturday, December 28, 2013


I've been thinking a lot lately about this blog. 
And about facebook. 
I feel as if I've hit a downward slope in terms of what I have to share with others. 
I don't feel the need anymore to tell people everything that I'm doing. 
What movie I'm seeing.
Where I'm eating. 
That I'm at my daughter's piano recital. 
Or at the vet with my cat. 
Why has it become more interesting for people to "read" about what is happening in my life instead of being with me in my life?
It's easier, of course, to sit in your house or car and take the words in that I've written and then to "like" those words. 
But it's harder to get up, make plans, be social. 
I've been disappointed this year. 
Too many times,  I've been doing the inviting (either with myself or with my kids in mind) and the invitation is never reciprocated. 
So, I've decided to stop. 
To stop letting others be voyeurs into my life instead of active participants.
I'll still post a few cute pictures here and there on facebook. 
I'll still write posts on this blog. 
Even though this blog gets less and less views with each post. 

I've decided to join my friend Carla on a 365 day photo challenge in the new year. 
A photo a day of my life. 
A random shot of what it's like to be around me. 
To see what I see and to engage in a different aspect. 
A visual aspect. 
I think I'll post a weekly photo spread. 
7 days of photos. 
I'll take a different path in 2014. 
A path of less transparency. 
As I've gotten older it's become easier for me to see who really wants to be a part of my life and who doesn't. 
So it will be a visual peek of my life in the new year. 
A new year that is more about me and less about impressions and expectations. 


  1. LOVE this post. Hugs to you. I can understand many of the emotions expressed.....

  2. Sigh. I will miss hearing from you but completely understand. Excited to see your and Carla's photo's!
    I miss you.