Tuesday, December 3, 2013

7 days

What a week...

We woke up to 4 or so inches of snow. 
Lovely compacty snow. 
With lots of fat snowflakes tumbling out of the sky. 
No wind. 
Just perfection. 

I did some Christmas shopping for Zoe. 
And wrapped gifts while the girls were at school. 
Watched more of Breaking Bad Season 2 with Chad. 
We decided to watch the show after it completed its hurrah on television. 
We are slow like that. 
I've been getting the seasons from the library and have already put my reserve in for Season 3. 
Dance class. 
Piano lessons. 
My cousin's house by 10 am. 
Breaking bad news to Zoe. 
Tears from Zoe. 

Woke up to sad news. 
My uncle passed away. 
My mom's brother. 
Sudden and unexpected. 
We just saw him on Sunday. 
He seemed okay. 
But illness can strike quickly and without remorse. 
It has a job to do and it takes no prisoners. 
Just casualties. 
Too young. 
He was too young. 

Christmas shopping after school. 
Wrapped more gifts. 
Mailed Christmas cards. 
I did three different styles this year (long story!)
Mailed letters to Santa. 
Gigi does want more but doesn't like to write, so this is her short and to the point letter. 

Cleaned my house. 

Family Christmas party at my place. 
My mother's side. 
We had ham sandwiches, lots of dips and veggies, cookies, pie. 
Always pie. 
Family and laughter and gift giving and more laughter. 
And more pie. 

Adding a day here...
Last Saturday:
Our girls participate every year in our dance company's annual charity dance performance. 
That is when Zoe isn't sick from her cancer treatments, but we should be done with that crap now...knock on wood. 
We raise money for the gift tree the Salvation Army sponsors for underprivileged children. 

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  1. So sorry to hear about your Uncle.

    I think it is beautiful that the girls can use something they love (dance) to help others!