Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cancer Lessons

Three years ago on this date our 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with blood cancer. 
Yes, my life twisted into a movie, a "this doesn't happen to people like us" miniseries that would not go off the air. 
And in these past three years I've learned a few things. 
A few things like...

You really discover who your true friends are. 
And you learn who's really an asshole. 
My besties went above and beyond with their support. 
Friends from my school days came out in droves to show their love for our family and some great friendships have reignited. 
Just a few people in our family and a few people who I considered to be long-time friends proved to be less than thoughtful. In fact they showed their lack of empathy towards a situation that any of them could be in. 

I've learned to not give a crap about some things. 
Gigi wants to wear a striped dress with a skirt (yes, skirt and a dress together) and a winter hat to school in May?
Go for it. 
Zoe wants to eat a brownie for breakfast today?
Just do it. 
I've learned to worry about the big stuff only. 

Big stuff includes giving the correct drugs  at the correct time of day. 
Making sure school is A Número Uno even during times of steroids and blood draws. 
Reminding a girl that what she looks like on the outside, bald and with a puffy face, is not a prediction of whether or not people will like you.  It's your personality and heart that people are drawn to. 

You should probably wait to fulfill your kid's Make A Wish until after she's done with treatment (if you have that option). 
When your skinny, bald, chemoed up kid looks at you and asks for a pony you automatically say "but, of course!"  
Oh boy. 
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. 
We really should have gone to Hawaii instead. 

Cancer came rushing into our lives at full throttle. 
We didn't get hit too hard compared to some families. 
The proof of that is that our daughter has survived. 
The movie of our lives isn't over yet. 
It's a very long production. 
With many intermissions and an exceptionally large number of costume changes.  
But I'm certain it has a very sweet ending...


  1. (tears)
    Great post!
    Could it be possible that she has more freckles than the last time I saw her? I just love them! (I hope she does too!)