Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Few "Deep" Thoughts

People who litter should have a months worth of household garbage put into their front yard to see how it feels to have unwanted debris in their space. 
I thought littering went out the door when we all got green, that Indian cried on TV, and Walmart came into being where they sell...garbage cans!

Texting and driving. 
But so is eating and driving. 
Have you ever tried to eat a Taco Bell Taco Supreme while driving?
While putting on a strip of mild sauce as you take a right turn?

I love seeing people's vacation photos. 
Some people share too much (okay, yes this 12th picture of the mountain/the cabin you stayed in/that sunset on your third night is heading into the over sharing category.)
Others, you get nothing. 
My friend T went to Disney like 5 years ago and I've yet to see a picture of that trip. 
And they just spent two weeks in Canada. 
Sure ya did. 
I'll never see a picture of her next to a quaint inn in Quebec City holding her caffe latte in one hand and wearing a jaunty scarf all while trying to hide behind a Mountie. 

The hummingbirds have been loco for la sugare agua lately. 
Today the feeder was empty and every time I walked past the dining room window they would be hovering, peering in, and I'm sure yelling in their hummingbird squeaky bird talk "where's the food bitch!"
So, I filled it up and got this...

Zero takers. 

My 4 1/2 year old waited all week to watch this television show last night. 
Stop judging me. 
It was called Uncle Grandpa. 
It was the strangest, oddest, most disturbing thing I have seen in a long time. 
It's right up there with Adventure Time, which I do not understand at all. 
I had to start doing busy work so I wouldn't have to watch Uncle Grandpa and some chubby boy compare bellies and then kiss his talking fanny pack. 
At least he was polite and said "Good Morning!" to everyone he met. 
She thought it was the greatest show ever. 

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