Thursday, August 1, 2013

7 Days

Summer is coming to an end and we are wrapping things up because school starts in two weeks.
We are spending a lot of time outside. 
We are trying to get some culture. 
And I am perplexed about some things in life... 

We went to a morning production of Snow White in a neighboring town. 
By far, the BEST character was "Witch Wicked" who was the Evil Queen's sister. 
She was a He and he rocked it!
I don't think Gigi had any idea that Witch Wicked was played by a man until she stood next to him for a photo. 

The next day I was perplexed about a few things. 
One-why is there no pull tab thingy on a container of ricotta cheese?
Pull-off friendly tops of things are everywhere. 
Pringles, my coffee creamer, cans of cat food. 
Everywhere EXCEPT ricotta cheese containers. 
I gotta do the knife stab method to get to the goodness under the seal. 
It's too much. 

Second-I've seen numerous people Pin this on Pinterest and I'm like, uh, why?
Why would this be fun?
Or comfortable?
How do you get on this thing?
And subsequently, back off?
Do you do a leap off of the deck hoping to gracefully hit the middle like you want instead off getting the bounce that sends you over and off into the water?
Or do you do a clumsy walk onto the netting, getting your foot stuck in every little hole which creates a bigger hole, and you flip upside down where your suit top comes off your left breast, and you end up doing a "one-boob-out-one-in" ugly crawl to the cushy pillow in the center?
After you finally make it to the middle, you are exhausted and then you cry because you know at some point you'll have to get back out of this contraption.  
This hammock is ridiculous. 

Our town holds an annual summer shindig called the Decatur Celebration. 
It's a three day event of music, food, carnival rides, and a parade. 
We ate strawberry crepes, homemade fries, and fried cheese curds. 
Zoe participated in the parade. 
Zoe and I rode the Giant Drop. 
That ride that straps you in and lifts you straight up in the air and then WHAM, shoots you back down. 
You scream and then giggle.
Zoe rode it alone a while later where her screams where instead followed by tears.
Gigi flew down the Super Slide with her father riding in the next lane. 
They held hands and it was sweet to see. 
But I was too busy cracking up to see the sweetness because Gigi had a look of terror like I had never seen before on her face. 
It was as if a fire-breathing demon were in front of her face and only she could see it and she had a silent scream look all the way down the slide. 
Then tears. 
My dad hit the nail on the head when he said, "I guess it's a good thing we are going to Disney next year if the Super Slide freaks her out."

We heard some tragic news last week about our dear friend's brother. 
Hurt while crossing the street in Chicago. 
A hurt that has lead to his leaving his family and friends forever. 
It's a tragedy that is incomprehensible because this family has had to endure enough pain as of late. 
It's moments like this that perplex me more than anything else. 
When will their pain stop?
They have had enough hits and they need a chance to get back up. 
The chance to renew their lives while learning to live with missing pieces. 

When you own a small farm there are cowboy boots at the back door 365 days.
Goat hoof trimmers sit on the table next to Maybelline lip gloss. 
And sometimes you need to bring the saddle in from the barn to clean it in the living room while you watch Project Runway.  

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  1. I am so sorry about the loss of your friend. What a tragic way to loose someone you care about.