Saturday, June 29, 2013

7 days

My life in the last seven days.
It's going to be uber-exciting so if you have a weak ticker or faint easily, stop reading now.
For the rest of you, here's the excitement of my life...

-went to CherryBerry
-dropped oldest child off at her cousin's house for a sleepover
-have had to listen to youngest child say over and over and over "what do you think Zoe is doing now?"

-ate berries from the yard
-happy I don't have neighbors who can see me dancing to Car Wash on my pool deck in my Walmart swim suit
-had a Elam's rootbeer from Del's
-discovered Gigi wants Hot Buns for Christmas

-took girls to girl friends' house to play
-gossiped with girls mom about other people we know and some I don't
-wrangled a dog and a cat to vet
-now get to administer a tiny pill to a cat twice a day for the rest of his fancy feline life

-farrier came to trim pony's hooves
-it rained
-spent rest of day smelling like a wet equine.

-swam with girls at friend's dad's totally awesome in-ground pool
-gossiped with friend
-friend and I go way back, all the way to high school
-went with high school friend and our kids to library event in evening
-gossiped with high school friend about people we knew at the library
-giggled and snickered
-sucked down a blizzard at DQ

-I don't remember Monday.

Last Sunday-
-marveled at the fish-like abilities of my kids
-ate berries from the yard
-marveled at my kids some more

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  1. you are living the HARD life, aren't ya?! ;) SOunds like a perfect summer so far.