Wednesday, June 5, 2013

7 Days

A few things from the last 7 days...

On Tuesday I witnessed our hermit crab Rascal remove his body from one shell to another and it was the most hideous thing I've ever seen.
His body that's encased within the shell is large, bulbous, white, and kinda wet.
I barfed in my mouth a bit and want a cat to scratch my eyes out.

On Monday Zoe had her monthly blood draw to make sure the leukemia is staying away.
It's still staying away (Yay!) and Dr. Niebrugge said she can come every two months for blood draws now (Double Yay!)

On Sunday we were in Columbus.
In Ohio, ya know.
And upon the recommendation of our dear friend Z, we had some ice cream.
But ice cream that takes your taste buds to a new and exciting place.
Where pistachios and honey intermingle.
And where goat cheese makes a cheesecakey flavor in your cup.
Brambleberry crisp enters your mouth and you let out a deep and satisfied sigh.

On Saturday we explored The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium with Chad's cousin Melissa and her family.
We saw koalas, elephants, manatees, okapi, gorillas, stingrays, moose, and polar bears.
It was a perfect day weather-wise and company-wise.

On Friday we drove through two bad rain storms and a dust storm.
For a few minutes, I thought I had time traveled back to the 1930's and I was a victim of The Great Dust Bowl.
That dust-dirt was some scary stuff.

Last Thursday...I don't remember last Thursday.

Wednesday of last week the horse vet came to give Buttercup her spring shots.
She got three shots and did the "bugged-out-eyes pony look" for each one.
Oh, and I had to follow the goats around to get a poo sample for the vet to check.

Update: Day 8...we have to make an emergency run to Petsmart this morning because Rascal has no shell! Jesse booted him out of his and he's hiding under the log tunnel in the crabitat and he's naked and vulnerable.


  1. Does Petsmart sell hermit crab shells?

  2. Yes they do have hermit crab shells, but their selection yesterday was pretty bad and Rascal hates the new shell we brought home!