Monday, March 11, 2013



My right ear is clogged up.
It feels as if the right side of my head is snorkeling.
Without the wet feeling.
Or the spazziness I feel when underwater with a breathing thingy in my mouth.

I am tired from a weekend of visiting Chicago.
Tired from driving in the town that seems to be getting more and more congested every day.
But never tired of talking with and laughing with our friends who have been super supportive of Zoe during her illness.

Does not really need to be this cold.
At all.

I am a bit closer to being 42 years old.
How on earth did this happen?
I feel, most days, to be maybe 25.
Where did these kids come from?
What's happened to all of those years?
I have changed, both physically and mentally.
I'm tougher, weigh more, tolerate differences in people, have seen much sadness and inspiring hope within my own daughter, my knees hurt sometimes, I don't need my glasses to read small print.
I think I'm fine with becoming 42.
45 is going to a bitch, though.
That much closer to 50.

It's been realized that the only things my girls liked about being at their first pro hockey game were the pre-game show, the food, and hanging with the mascot.
The hockey was boring, even the fights.
I guess they are baseball girls.


  1. What a fun thing to try. The girls have never been to a hockey game. May have to add it to the family fun list!

  2. I want to take my kids to the U of I Hockey games sometime. I wonder if they would enjoy them..... It IS cold, isn't it?! I am over it.....get on with spring!