Monday, March 4, 2013

I Think...

I think...

I need new underwear.
Not that my butt has gotten bigger or smaller.
It seems the same but some days my unders just go riding in places I didn't invite them to. 
Is there a super brief?
A brief that goes over my pudgy stomach, around both cheeks, and stays put all day long?
That's Spanx, right?
Maybe I need Spanx underwear.
Do they make that?
So many questions...

More people need to be true to one another.
True in their feelings.
Their friendships.
Their family relationships.
Stop the lying.
Stop the excuses.
As they say in the land of RuPaul... "there needs to be less shade and more T."

I hope there's a day that I don't think about the fact that I'm always thinking of whether or not the leukemia is staying away.
I think it's the main reason for my skin breakouts.
And my hair loss.
And my need for homemade chocolate desserts.

I need a new bathing suit top.
The ones I have are as follows...
-too big in the boobs
-too tight in the boobs
-too faded from sun/chlorine
It's time to buy a few new tops.
The bottoms I have are fine.
Quite different than my underwear problems.
Maybe I should wear bathing suit bottoms under my clothes?

Zoe has sprouted three new holes in her face this past weekend.
Two new holes in her ears and a new hole in her mouth.
Let's hope her love for adornment doesn't go any farther than her ears.
But I'm sure that her mouth will be getting some metal enhancements at some point. 
I don't even want to conjure that up in my mind.  

I'm enjoying getting out more.
Talking to other adults.
Shooting the shit and doing more than sitting in a hospital room for weeks at a time.
I like reminiscing with old friends and learning about new friends' lives. 
I think I like it.
I think I do...


  1. Love the earrings!! Bring on the tooth fairy!

  2. Keep us posted on the search for the perfect pair of underwear...I swear it could be a series. I have a drawer full and very few that I actually like and wear so I am seriously, seriously putting in a vote for this!

    Beautiful pics, Zoe!!!