Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Random Days

A few randoms today... 

The girls and I hit the roller skating rink on Monday.
I was immediately taken back to the early 1980's.
The music was the same, the skates were the same, the snack bar was the same.
Ah, nostalgia.
It's so nice to see you.
I did manage to do some backwards skating. 
It was somewhat hard to turn myself back to forwards facing skater.
Maybe if I had my white skates with the folded down tongue and the blue poms on the end of my laces, I would have been able to master that maneuver. 

We have had a few "warm" days in the past week.
The girls headed out for some fresh air.
Gave their parents a reprieve from their constant bickering.
Now they could bicker outside and we wouldn't hear them.
Ah, joy!

Zoe and Grandpa built this ladder onto a tree that Zoe desperately wanted to climb but just couldn't master on her own.
She's her own worst enemy, really.
She psyches herself out on everything dangerous that she wants to do.
It's probably all my fault.
For so many years I have been uttering the phrase "for the love of pete, be careful!  don't break anything!"


  1. no mention of the ass and broken wrist?! ;)
    Excited for Saturday!

  2. Roller skating! We may need to meet up for a H & H meeting with kids at a Roller Rink!