Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Think

I think...

Condom commercials should be played on television at all hours of the day.
Not just after 8pm on MTV.
People do have daytime sex.
For reals.

Catfish TV is a fascinating show.
Check it out.
I started watching it before the whole football player from Notre Dame thing came out.
And the host is super cute.
It's on MTV...hence the previous condom commercial mention.

Some people are busybodies by nature and just can't help themselves.
Sigh...get a life of your own.

Reading the goat supply catalog that I got in the mail is a surefire way to measure whether or not I've truly turned country.

I should buy Tulip and Yogurt the goat visors that I found in the goat supply catalog.

People are disappointing.
Just when you think that you have someone figured all goes out the window.

If NRA members who spend their money on dinner listening to Wayne give his cattywampus speeches instead donated that money to causes that say, researched cures for children with cancer or dug wells in Africa so people had safe drinking water, maybe then we would have a more peaceful society

I'm over winter. 
Usually about this time of year, end of January, I long for warm spring days when we can get outside more.
Cabin fever has taken over.
And stale air.

I'm going to make my own powdered laundry detergent when this current batch of liquid laundry soap I'm using runs out.
Yes, you may start calling me Caroline Ingalls.
No, I'm not using a washboard, butter churner, or outhouse, though.

Toads are cool.

My husband looks sexy with his shirt off.
He's going to be so embarrased by that.
But, hey...I like 'em hairy!


  1. I know you aren't looking for label...
    but I already labeled you homesteader.
    (I think that means at least a tiny part of you is country.)

    Isn't there a statistic that most teen sex happens between 3-5 pm? Good point about the condom commercials but that leads me to this thought: do commercials work? Do people think, "Stop! I have that catchy Trojan Man line in my head. We should not do this now and instead go purchase trojan brand condoms?" :)

  2. I think the condom commercials hit at the conscious in some regard and hopefully it sinks in. Better than nothing at all! :-)