Monday, January 14, 2013

Hermit Crab Joy

Hermit crabs.
They are boring.
Those are Zoe's words.
And I would have to agree.
They burrow into the dirt in their tank and we don't see them for days.
They don't eat.
They don't drink.
Are they pooping?
Who knows.
The only way we know if they are still alive and breathing their little crab breaths is to dig them out and put them on mom's kitchen table.
Then they are all like "here we are!"  

They are rather gross to look at up close.
And I like gross, but it's almost too alien for me. 

This is Gigi's hermit crab.
Her name is Jesse.
And this is how she usually stays when she's on the table.

She even stayed like this when she pinched the crap out of Gigi's hand a few weeks ago.
Do you know how hard it is to get a hermit crab to release it's pinch from a four year old's hand?
All Gigi cared about was this..."why doesn't Jesse like me?"
Gigi was wearing a hooded sweatshirt at the time and I told her that Jesse just didn't recognize her with her hood on.
She bought it.
And doesn't wear a hood around the crabs anymore.
Jesse did eventually come out of her shell when we had them on the table the other day.
Took her about 35 minutes, though.

Hermit crabs.
They are so interesting.
Really, we should have gotten a guinea pig.


  1. This is very good information to know!

    Oh, Gigi, sorry that your friend hurt you.

  2. We had hermit crabs when I was growing up. My brother's escaped once and we discovered that it managed to get down one flight of wooden stairs and hid in a closet. We discovered it by the scratching noise that it made as it crawled around in the closet.

    Now geckos are the pets to avoid. My brother had one that escaped three times before it totally disappeared. He took it to school once in the 7th grade and it escaped. It was found a few days later in the junior high girl's locker room. It was such a big deal that the entire high school knew by the end of the day. Of course it had to be my freshman year, so I was a bit mortified at the time. Hahaha!